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What is the best place to fix bolts?

Our company would recommend that bolts are fitted on different sides of the door. You could, for example, mount them horizontally so that they extend into the wall. Alternatively it is possible to place them vertically so that they are actually shot into the ground. Ultimately make sure that they are firm.

Why do my doors fail to open freely?

The most probable cause is poor affixation of the bolt distances. You should ideally aim for at least 250mm from the ground on the bottom corners and 20mm from the edges. Thus the fact that the bolt is locked does not mean that your door will not be able to move freely.

How long does a door spring last?

Torsion springs typically have a lifespan of 10,000 cycles. One opening and one closing of the door is considered one cycle. The spring will experience force and tension every time the door opens and closes. Eventually, the torsion spring will crack and break over time.

How can I repair my springs?

You shouldn’t repair your springs. You should call our garage door repair company in Anthem to handle the repairs. With the tight tension on the spring, making one false move could cause you great harm. Our technicians have the tools to handle the job.

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